6 Stall Upgrades You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

This year, Beef Expo is opening its doors to more industry specialists, trade experts and manufacturers than ever before.

We can’t wait to show all of these people what’s changed in our industry, but we’re also keen to open up the floor to businesses who may benefit from the exposure. Our conference floor will be an exciting opportunity for businesses of all kinds to show off what they’re all about and will also give them a chance to exhibit why they’re the best choice.

Of course, in such a competitive environment it’s important that these businesses do everything they can to stand out from the crowd. We’ve seen our fair share of corporations and understand that it can often be tough to attract the attention of your average convention attendee, that’s why we’ve put this handy list of useful upgrades to your stall that could entice the perfect customer to do business with you…

Vinyl Decal Signage 

Don’t rely on the same old tatty signage that you’ve been dragging around from show to show. Vinyl decal printing is inexpensive and effective, all you need to do is provide your design to a printer who will sort everything else out for you. You’ll be able set out your decals upon arrival at the expo and will be able to leave them up for the duration of the event. Once the event’s over you can even roll them back up and take them to your next event without the risk of them getting crumpled in transport!

Big Screen Presentations

Technology has come a long way in the last couple of years and although we know that not every company has access to the best tech around, a big television is a great tool for giving presentations. A wide-screen 4k television might cost you a few thousand pounds, but you should bear in mind that the current iterations are much slimmer than their predecessors and are likely to remain relevant for at least the next 5 years – well worth the investment.

Silent Disco Style Talks 

A silent disco might not be the first thing that you think would be suitable for a Beef Expo, but hear us out here. The show floor can be a loud place, if you want to deliver a presentation to an audience of more than a handful of people but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be forced to shout over the crowd. Using wireless headphone technology you can speak a normal level whilst keeping 100% of your audience’s attention.  

Photo Opportunity Board

Who doesn’t love a selfie? Creating a branded photo opportunity board is a great way of getting you company’s name out there, support this snazzy bit of PR with a clever promotional hashtag and a competition, and you’ve suddenly got a powerful marketing tool that can help drive interest in your business. 

Barcode Scanners 

The age of business cards and rolodexes is well and truly over. If you’re still pressing cards into people’s hands with a desperate smile then you’re playing the game all wrong. We’ll be using a barcode scanning system which will give you a quick and convenient way of picking up the details of a new lead.  

Free Food! 

It’s never a cheap ploy to offer free food at your stall. Conventions can be a tiring experience and most people will appreciate a little pick me up, whether it’s a cheeky chocolate biscuit or even a handful of crisps…