About the Event

What makes the Beef Expo a must-see event?

There’s no livestock show like the Beef Expo, an independently run convention and festival for Beef farmers and enthusiasts!

Take a handful of the country’s most respected cooks, add a few of the leading lights in Beef farming and invite a selection of industry-specialist manufacturers and you’ve got a recipe for one of the most exciting meat-based events in the agricultural calendar. Beef Expo is a festival-style convention that brings the best of the industry together under one roof for a weekend of learning, shows and discussion which aims to elevate the Beef industry in this country and beyond.

Exclusive Cookery Showcases

Some of the best cooks in the country have come together to celebrate one of the most British ingredients there is. British consumers spend upwards of £3 billion on Beef each year and although meat consumption is thought to be slowly diminishing (around 29% of British evening meals in 2017 were Vegetarian or Vegan), this statistic shows that us Brits are still fond of our steaks and roast dinners. Our guest cooks will be on hand to show us how to take different cuts of beef and turn them into something even more spectacular.

Industry Convention Exhibition

Of particular interest to our farming visitors will be our convention-style exhibition, a new feature for this year and one which will hopefully open some minds to some new ideas and techniques. A handful of major manufacturers will be on hand to show our guests their new innovations, not to mention a litany of forward thinking start-ups who will be hoping to show how their products could change the face of farming.

Networking & Community Discussions

We believe that the forward progress of the Beef industry is dependent on discussions, which is why we’ll be hosting a number of open table discussions for anyone who wishes to share their thoughts on the future of our industry. In addition to this we’ll also be hosting a number of panel debates that should prove just as stimulating for laymen as those currently working with Beef.

National Cattle Show

Finally, no Beef Expo would be complete without a Cattle show! We’ve gathered together dozens of farmers who’ll be bring their best specimens and will be hoping to take home our top prize: a much-coveted Beef Expo rosette. The show will take place throughout the entire weekend and we’ll be asking for our guests’ input as well!